You're looking for a photographer.

And I'm looking for amazing humans who resonate with me.  

Below are lots of pretty images, but they don't really matter.  What matters, really, is how we relate.  
If we are the same, you and I, then every image will be infused with love, and twined values, and meaning.  Your story will be told memorably, and I will have created a most valuable and worthwhile work.  Win/win.

So, enjoy the galleries below, but then do head over to my ABOUT ME page to actually learn about who I am.  

And when you're ready, I'd love to learn about who you are, so that I can invest my heart, and not just my time, into your day.


Your wedding photography investment starts at $4500.  

Just contact me for my availability, package options and full pricelist.  Or, drop in in person for wine and chocolate.

Love stories

Heart-journeys between lovers.  We'll explore, play, chat, and create a collection of storytelling images that belong on your walls, and in magazine pages, and as save-the-date cards.
This is the preface to your wedding day, the backstory, the calm before the storm, the beginning moments of your forever.

Your investment starts at $1200, for up to two hours on location.

Contact me for all the package options.

Day in the Life

A soft-documentary journey of you, and your loved ones, from sunrise to sunset.

Your world, your kids, your work project, your journey.  All the moments in your day, captured gently and presented as an artful reminder of where you all were at that particular moment of life.

This is one of the most intimate and beautiful ways to capture an everyday life, and hold it up to the world as something exceptional.

Your investment starts at $3000 (plus an entire day of your life.)  Contact me for more information.