The way a problem works, is that it arrives out of nowhere, we scramble to find a solution as fast as possible to avoid any discomfort, and then when we have the solution, the problem goes away and we move on. 

Which, unfortunately, means we’ve learnt nothing about ourselves.   

If we are truly going to grow in life, if we are going to actually transcend our “normal” into a life we’d be proud to live, then we need to step back and notice what’s happening between the problem and the solution.

We need to see ourselves, watch how we react, consider why we are doing what we are doing.  No judgement, just compassionate honesty.

Is it fear?  Chasing comfort?  Ignoring the obvious? 

If we are not aware of ourselves when a problem hits, then we’ll just automate our response to it, and it will cycle back again.

Being aware allows you to move forward.  Grow.  And when you’re done, you might even be able to thank the problem, instead of fearing it’s return.