It’s almost midnight, and I can’t sleep just yet.  I wish there was a great inspired reason, but to be honest, I probably had a bit too much caffeine too late in the day.  So, instead of sleeping, I’m out here on the balcony of our 6th floor apartment, watching conversations on the street, and drinking whisky, and writing.  A truck just drove by, loaded up with Christmas decorations.  Like a giant tinsel-spider, folded up and put to rest for another year.

The world is getting back to work.

And so are we.  Rach and I.  We took some time out, drove 400 kilometres to the southernmost tip of Western Australia, and made our plans.  
We said, “Life is not long.  We have to do meaningful work”.  
We said, “No matter what, we need to do work that matters.”
We took stock of what we have, and what we need to get our message out.  We pooled all of our stuff, everything of value.
We climbed a mountain, and talked about Love.  
Rach said the clouds felt closer up here.

Tonight Rach sold her piano.